Ganymede:Before and After Picture

I was in the mood to draw Ganymede today. pardon the sketchiness!

This is Ganymede, before and after his time with Zeus. I've seen the time he was kidnapped being translated as two different things, but i preferred him tending sheep. He was actually fairly well grounded, or as well grounded as a prince could be. he was just kinda hanging out, watching some sheep, when suddenly...

Giant bird.
Just like that.

The first picture is actually the moment before the giant eagle swoops down for him, thus the "Hum...that's strange..." face.

The second is after he's been in Zeus' care for awhile. He turns into a smarmy little boy, grows his hair out, and does everything he can to stay on the gods good sides...'cept for Hera, who he really should have tried to impress....

anyway, yeah. quick sketches of Ganymede.

I'll say this now: this is my adaptation of Ganymede, fit to my purpose. if you base a paper around this description, you're going to FAIL.
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