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Female, Cerulean blood
Junius Herago ( ‘Junius’ closely related to ‘Petrus’ from ‘Petrus Plancius’, the observer of the constellation ‘Pavo’, which means ‘peacock’, and ‘Juno’, a character from Greek myth closely related to the creation of peacocks’ tails. ‘Herago’ derived from the name of a neighboring constellation, ‘Argo’, and the goddess in Greek mythology tied in with the creation of the peacock, ‘Hera’.)
Age 6
Lusus is a large bird like animal with a vicious beak and equally as snappy demeanor. She likes to squabble with her ‘daughter’, and resembled a large peacock.
Junius is a smart girl, in the way that she has an understanding of mathematics and sometimes languages. She’s imaginative, but not to the extent where it helps her imagine her world in a more conceptual way, and she has trouble applying experience to situation.
She’s a bit bratty and naïve, not taking advice from others very easily and often going on her own path by herself. With her existing four friends, though, she’s very silly and nonsensical. She likes to tell off her friends and flatter herself around them, if in a very vague way. Her only high-blooded friend is especially tormented by her behavior.
Junius is somewhat aloof to the futures. She thinks of what is at hand, and tries hard not to think about anything more than a day into the future. She doesn’t ask herself difficult questions, and makes decisions quickly and uneducated. Junius tries her hardest to avoid any stressful conditions, which counts as sympathizing with her friends.
Her lack of challenging her mind by herself has led to her taking shortcuts to answers, which are usually misconceptions about people or history. She believes strongly in herself and her friends, but her view on ‘the big picture’ is often skewed by emotions.
Troll tag is glorifiedAwakening [GA], as relating to peacocks of all sorts and their roles in mythology in many cultures, being holy and the sign of rebirth (awakening).
She dreams on Prospit.
She has a small amount of manipulation, considering her blood, but it isn’t very strong and can’t be used to make people speak/sleep/move, it can only be used to raise thoughts that they may be avoiding, and has the same effect as coaxing through spoken language.
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