Angeline-Hera Picture

This little beauty has evade proper drawing for about two years now. Looking at her now, I'm happy I had to wait. This took me about three hours, all while watching/listening to Illuminati by Malice Mizer. *wink* Mhmmm, that video.

Anyway, this little girl{she'd kill me if she knew I said that} started out a minor character in a RP, but i've always kinda kept her close to her heart. There's a new baddie in town, and he's warping all of my good guys into bad guys, Angeline is no exception. After the transformation, she is referred to as Hera {Queen of the Gods....I just have to say that}.

The hammer she holds seeks it's target, and returns to her hand...stop yelling at me for confusing pantheons; if you have a better name that comes from Ancient Mythology, then by all means...tell me.

Oh yes...and her special ability: neigh unlimited strength. ^___^

{PS: damn, lolitas are hard to draw....}
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