Spam Dump 6 Picture

Some of the stuff I've been doodling up in the last few weeks. I've yet to do something... more impressive, right now I'm trying to work on some more fundamental things.

Anyway. Yea, two massive ones. The roleplay they were made for has very heavy greek influences, so thus the greek mythological critters. Excuse the weird colors on the griffin, she specifically needed to have the colors of bloodstone, which are green, red, and brownish hues.

Anyway, hopefully you can see my attempts to make breeds more recognizable here. The griffin's head is modeled off of a bald eagle. The lion was tough, I have a problem with feline faces. And the snake looks more.. HAIGUYS then BITINGYOU.

Anyway, the griffin and the chimera are characters that I'd rather not talk about, personality-wise.

The dude in the thong is Lucifer. There's a reason for the animal ears and tail. I'm still not a fan of sticking those elements on a human body, but the situation required it in RP. Anyway, I'm happy with how his face came out, and the tail as well. And I apologize for the thong, I was going for something similar to what the dudes in 300 wore. d:

Dragonthing is Cyrah, little-used character. She's old and the doodle was sloppy, but I like her face, so here she is.

Chick that looks like a lesbian is Hera. Just another character for the only roleplay I've got going. She is influenced a bit by the character Elle Driver, from Kill Bill. Mostly in the eyepatch and attitude department. d: You might notice similar markings on the chimera above her. She's connected to him, through RP stuff. Yea.

Purple dude is Charis. A schnauzer, and an attempt at drawing the breed correctly. Oh, that hercules beetle up there.. yea, that's his.

Then there's Zhi, who got a slight revamp, though this example is very poorly drawn. Hair is still the same, attitude is still the same, but he's got a nice new set of deformities. Missing an ear (though you can't see through the hair), and face is all scarred up. Has Rin to thank for that. GOOD GOING, RIN. -obligatory thumbs-up-

And then lastly there's Xander. He's supposed to be a dingo.

And that's it. Lots of weird shit.
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