Sketches 5 Picture

Nothing in here is Hetalia based. During the Christmas Break I wanted to draw fanart for other shows I got into. Also, I drew a few Harry Potter Drawings a while back.

the first 3 drawings are Harry Potter related. Two of them are of Rose and Scopius. Of course the other one is of Darry (my sister's OTP). Yes, I added the apple XD.

I started to draw the girls of the first season of the Games of Thrones. I didn't get too far. I do like my dragon.

That would be Hera from Greek Mythology. She's the goddess of marriage and the sky. Her animal is a peacock. That is supposed to be a peacock feather.

Kidlock! Yes, I started to draw John and Sherlock as kids. I didn't finish.

other sketches, all Hetalia related.

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