Homestuck Fantroll: Galans Mavora Picture

Your name is GALANS MAVORA, and you are the artist's OBLIGATORY SELF-INSERT FANTROLL. You are roughly 7 SOLAR SWEEPS of age.

You are a FIESTY REDBLOOD with DIFFICULTY MANAGING YOUR TEMPER. You are also a MUTANT, like many of your fellow lowbloods, and posses what is probably THE SHITTIEST POWER POSSIBLE. You are an EMPATH, and automatically SENSE EMOTIONS upon contact with another troll. For this reason, you tend to avoid the PHYSICALLY INTIMATE SITUATIONS that most other trolls your age are getting into. That, and the fact that you TREAT EVERY RELATIONSHIP LIKE A BLACKROM and NOBODY WANTS TO DATE YOU, has prompted you to seek CONSTANT ATTENTION from everyone you know.

Your interests include FLARPING, SUPERHEROES, watching SUB-PAR FILMS, and ROMANCE, and you have a tendency to DABBLE IN THE ARTS. While you are SMALL in STATURE, that doesn't stop you from being an AGGRESSIVE FIGHTER, and you rarely pick your battles wisely. You are VICIOUS, and anyone who says otherwise should be SHOT in the KNEECAPS. Because of your aptness with your chosen strife specibus, BLADEKIND, you hope one day to join the ranks of the ruthless TEMPLARAPACIERS- if, of course, you aren't OVERCOME WITH PITY for your victims at first sight. Things like that tend to happen to you.

The lusus which raised you is basically a HUGE FUCKING WEASEL, and you tend to speak in 'a parrticularrly ABRRASIVE mannerr. *YOU ALSO PRROVIDE A LOT OF RRUNNING NARRATIVES, because god forrbid ANYONE arround you doesn't know what you'rre doing*

Today, you and 11 other SOCIAL FAILURES like yourself are going to play a GAME which will CHANGE YOUR LIVES.

Your name is GALANS MAVORA. You are the KNIGHT OF RAGE. What will you do?


This is a side project that I've been doing to keep myself entertained in school- trollifying myself and 11 of my friends to form a Sburb team. Expect more fantrolls to appear in the future, but not with the same frequency as Herostuck.

Galans' first name is a bastardization of the name Galanthis, who was a clever redheaded woman in Greek mythology who got turned into a weasel for outsmarting Hera, and Mavora another bastardization, but of the Latin word Mavors, which means Mars or warlike (?). Someone stop me.
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