For the Best Goddess Picture

Oh, boy, this was SO fun to draw and, yet, SO hard!
I couldn't think of any sort of dress for RD, but the others came pretty easily. I am very happy with Rarity's, strangely.
And now, it's like the horrible thing I dared to call a "dress" a few days back has vanished! ... Yeah, not really.
Anyway... are you guys familiar with the Trojan War? Well, if you are, you might get this little scene as the beginning of the whole thing.
If you are not, let me explain.
The Trojan War is one of the most famous parts of the greek mythology. It's about how the Kings of Greece attacked the Trojans because their prince, Paris, has stolen one of their wives. But not just a random one: Queen Helen, spouse of Menelaos, the most beautiful mortal of her time. Of course, he wasn't alone in this scheme, as Goddess Venus helped him. And why did she help him? Because of this exact little mix up!
You see, there was a wedding between a goddess and a mortal guy and everyone was invited, except Eris, the godess of discord and hatred and blah blah blah. To take her revenge, she threw a gold apple during the celebration, which had written on it: For the Best Goddess. Immidiately, Minerva, Venus ans Hera began fighting over who was the one destined to get the apple. Zeus, tired of their bickering, decided that a mortal should be the one to choose. And... Paris was that poor mortal.
The rest is history: he chose Venus, because she promised him to get him the most beautiful mortal as a wife and the Trojan War began.
Boy, I really talk too much!
Twilight is Minerva, of course, Rarity is Venus and... well... Rainbow Dash is... Hera? Doesn't really fit, but anyway. Pinkie Pie is one of the Muses, AJ is Dimitra and Fluttershy is a nereid. Or something.

MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro, but the golden apple is all mine! Muhahahaha!

Edit: uploaded a temporary fixed version!
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