Aurelia...?! Picture

...I got some explaining to do.

Once upon a time, I made genderbends of the "Big Three" outta curiosity- and their personalities as chicks changed A LOT. I ended up liking Aurelia, Kyma, and Daria so much that I made them official characters (That's saying a lot since I normally dislike made-up gods). So they're Kronos n' Mnemosyne's daughters (they got hitched in the 1500s) and their male counterpart's half-sisters.

Aurelia's the Zeus chick. They're tight buddies. She's a lot like her brother- expressive, melodramatic, has an obsession with hot female strangers... Unlike him, though, she has a phobia of long-term relationships, so she is simply a major lesbian flirt and nothing more. Hera's the exception. Aurelia is convinced she's her soulmate. I find her adorable, but that's just me. Drawn in Art Studio for iPad, 'bout an hour or so.

Godz Today belongs to ME.

~NekoFLASH!/Madison and Cuddles
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