Poseidon - Neptune Picture

this was my 2nd in a trio of greek gods. the idea came about when i was reading a comic called 10th muse. there, zues was being his bitchy self towards hera. i figured, what if hera finally has had enough and struck back? well, i figured the first thing she would do is get allies. basically turn some of the most powerful gods into goddesses. after a few mumbo jumbo, posiedon becomes a goddess. lol. i called the story line - The Wrath of Hera. basically it's 3 goddesses taking over olympus.

i decided to make her look more elvish. i actually had another tie in to this story with another character of mine - titania. well... actually, i also tied her with another character i was working on - storm... but that story's for another time. it's really twisty. anyway, i gave her elven ears and features - softer and longer features.

i really like how this turned out although i haven't had the time to color it. by no means is this colored. just wanted to put it on an interesting background rather than just being white.

this also marks a new way of vectorizing for me. rather than having all my lines uniform. i started making them uneven in thickness. that seems to look better and it's easier since i don't have to be too precise.

drawn: 2/10/02
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