To the Fairest of them all Picture

So. I've been deprived of Internet a lot, but that doesn't mean that I can be artistic... in some other way... despite my loss driving me crazy, angry and quite moody, etc. etc.

Every summer, I get this urge to go back to my original obsession: Greek Mythologies.
One of my favourite stories would be about the Apple of Discord, which was thrown at some gods' marriage by the Goddess of Discord, who had not been invited (what a vendetta, she basically caused a war). The apple was meant for the fairest goddess of all Olympus. Three Goddesses fought for the apple (Athena (owl), Hera (peacock) and Aphrodite (swan)).
Zeus did not want to end the fight. If he chose one goddess over another, he'd have the wrath of the two goddesses who were not chosen. So he appointed a human being, Paris, a simple sherpherd, to choose. The Goddesses offered him gifts (Athena: Infinite Knowledge, Hera: Rule over the land (something like that) and Aphrodite: the most beautiful woman of the Earth).

Anyways, I colored it by hand, and... well it's been SOME TIME since I colored anything with colouring pencils...!! XD
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