Only if for a Night Picture

Another time, Seren and Nys!! ^^

Dionysus (Nys) with one of his symbols: skanes. I remember I wanted to make him horns, but... I feared it would be too much, with such a full image! xD

Seren, on the other hand, is wearing a dress with peacock fantasy on it... Actually, the peacock is one of the symbols of Hera, and it represented immortality. I didn't intend connecting Seren to Hera, I was interested in the meaning of peacock as an immortal bird. Dionysus is the god of Life in itself, the Life wich gains immortality through its perpetration. It's only my interpretation, but he's the only way to immortality we can achieve. And so that's why Seren, wich is supposed to become in the story a Maenad, is wearing such a dress... Quite complicated, but I hope it can be understood! xD

Painted in Photoshop! v.v
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