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Malus spp.

The Apple is the earliest cultivated tree, with a fine-grained wood. Known as the ~Fruit of the Gods~ it is the symbol of immortality and sexuality, associated with the planet Venus. Apples and cider have aphrodisiac qualities. Apples were used in magic rituals of love in Europe during the Middle Ages. It is said that if a woman wanted a man to response to her loving she had to sleep with an apple under her arm and persuade the man to eat it the following day. He would then have eyes for her only.

According to legend, if the sun could be seen shining through the branches of an Apple tree on December 25, Christmas Day, then the owner, would have a healthy crop. To ensure this, he had to put a piece of toast in the fork of the the largest Apple tree in the orchard. It was said that if a ~Crab Apple~ tree grew near a well, whilst blossoming out of season, there would be more births and marriages than deaths in a community.

~Wassail Parties~ were held by men, where cider was made (Somerset, England). They gave thanks to the wood spirits that safeguarded the crop, in songs and verses while throwing cider on the trees.

In Norse myth, Idunna was the keeper of the ~apples of immortality~ which kept the Gods young. Hera received golden apples when she married Zeus, which she placed under the guard of the dragon Aldon in the garden of Hesperides. Eris (the goddess of discord), threw an apple into the assembly of gods, which Paris presented to Aphrodite, causing the ruin of Troy and suffering to the Greeks.

It was known as the ~shelter of lunatics~ because of its otherworldly spirit. Celtic Shamans, who traveled the Otherworld, were considered to be mad in a divine sense.

In Roman times, apples were used as laxatives. Apples reduce blood cholesterol levels. The blossoms are added to love sachets, brews and incenses.

Apple blossoms are the state flowers of Michigan and Arkansas
New York, West Virginia, Washington and Rhode Island have adopted the apple as their official state fruit. In the language of flowers the Apple tree stands for Temptation

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