Eileithyia Picture

Pre-Hellenic goddess of childbirth, who hindered or facilitated the process according to her disposition. According to the legend, she was born in a cave in Crete (The Cave of Eileithyia). In Homer's writings she appears, sometimes in the plural, as a personification of birth pangs and is described as the daughter of Hera, the consort of Zeus. In later times Eileithyia tended to be identified with Hera or Artemis, goddesses who were also associated with marriage and childbirth.

Source: Enciclopaedia Britannica

Ok.. I know I said that Athena was my final contribution to the mythology series... but this just had to be done. This is the magic cave of Eileithyia and... behold! it's =eileithyia.deviantart.com/">Eileithyia herself!

This is for you, my sweet butterfly.

Song: Broken Glass, by The Gathering.

Stock: sxc.hu
The original photo of the model belongs to *Mehrunnisa and is not stock, she was kind enough to let me use it, but only for this piece. You can find it here: [link] Thank you so much dear!

Brushes: `spiritsighs, =Scully7491

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