Hades - Pluto Picture

this is the 3rd of the trio of goddesses to take over olympus in my 'Wrath of Hera' storyline. again, he was turned into a she due to hera. actually, the story has hera turning poseidon and hades back into their original form, women, so it's not like she was doing it against their will or something. anyway...

i decided to make her features more human though make her look sharper. she is ruler of the underworld. cliché i know, but hey... one thing is that she has flame for hair. she also had clothing in my sketch, but once i vectorized her, i made the clothing separate from the body so i could put it on or off depending on how i wanted her to look.

again, by no means is this colored. just wanted to put it on an interesting background rather than just being white. just haven't had time to color my work. i color very slowly since i'm not proficient in it and the task just becomes very daunting sometimes.

drawn: 2/11/02
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