Hephaestus Picture

The God of blacksmiths and the forge: Hephaestus!

Did I spell that right? lol Hephestus? Hepetitous? Lol

This guy has had it rough in mythology. In one account, he was born lame and Hera was so disgusted by the sight of him- that she threw him off the side of Mt. Olympus after being born. In another account- he interfered in a fight between Zues and Hera, so Zues himself tossed Hephaestus off the mountain- and he became lame that way.

Oddly enough, a God so detested for his appearance ended up with Aphrodite....theres an Odd couple for you! But unfortunately she would have affairs with Aries whenever his back was turned....poor Hephaestus! I really felt sorry for the guy when I was researching him.

Anyway, I really like how this drawing turned out. Unlike most of the other pictures, I actually put more crosshatching into darker areas (like his hair and mustache) It kinda gives it a depth that would be lacking otherwise.

This was a drawing for the month of October for my calendar.


Media: Ink/ photoshop
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