The God of Warfare... Picture

...inside the body of a FRAIL LITTLE GIRL!?" he (or is it "she" now?) exclaimed, pulling at his Vessel's short dyed hair. I honestly didn't know why he'd been brought back. Athena would have been a MUCH better choice, but then again, I never did understand those mortals with their insensible values.

Just a little quote from something I'm working on. It's a type of fantasy/science fiction SLASH comic. A story in two formats. (By the way, the whole story is in Hera's point-of-view. I kind of like it. It's not in the protagonist's(Hera's vessel's) POV, but instead in the POV of the protagonist's equivalent of a sister.)
"My Memories Of Greece..." speaks of the government of Japan reviving the gods from Greek mythology after finding a crypt with their remains. Japan wishes to Transfer a Deity inside a Vessel and use them in warfare, but the gods think otherwise and use this new chance at life to each reach their own goals and reunite with lost lovers (with the help of their Vessels, who are actual teenagers who volunteered and qualified for the project, also each for their own reasons). Things get dangerous soon enough when an old enemy also reappears and plans on once again unleashing the same ancient Virus that wiped out all the gods 50 000 years ago! However, is this really only dangerous to the revived Deities and their Vessels? Or has the Virus developed over the decades, turning into something more, something greater? Something so great it could even endanger all of life itself...!?

Oops. I advertised with a summary.
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