the hades crew Picture

I probably decided to extend my mythology AU thing just so I could do stuff like this. I mean, modernizing the main deities, like Apollo or Artemis or Zeus or Hera or Aphrodite, is so... well, boring. It makes me think of all those Neoclassical-era paintings where they painted noblewomen dressed up as various goddesses, which isn't bad, but... yeah, I'm taking a class on the stuff. So of course, I decided to do the lord of the underworld (poor Hades, he gets such a bad rap...) and his happy fun crew.

Hopefully you can read the writing on the bottom, which is a few bios, but if you're lazy, here's a quick rundown, from left to right:

Hades - King of the underworld, but really, all he wants is to be loved. He wears traditional clothes, and is one of the few gods who does so. He probably writes emo poetry.

Persephone - Sweet, caring wife of Hades, who will nevertheless whoop his ass if he gets too emo. I seem to have given her an Aerith-vibe, which works a little too well.

Furies - There's only one on here, but they're essentially 3 goddesses who govern the souls of those who were violently murdered, and avenge their deaths. I of course make them freaky little chibi-girls.

Hecate - Goddess of witchcraft/black magic/ghosties and ghoulies. No offense to any Wiccans out there (since somehow, she's become a modern-day mother goddess, even though she was only a minor deity in the time of the Greeks...), but I made her incredibly, incredibly pompous. She's a little like Naga the White Serpent from Slayers, only, er, crazier. I bet she does the OHH-HO-HO-HO-HO laugh, too.
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