PRC Yellow Centurion Ranger Picture

"By the Power of Zeus! Centurion Yellow!"
"Thunder Goddess! JoutenYellow!"

Full Name: Zoe Astrapios Donder
Parents: Zeus/Harriet Donder-Lito Creek News Meteorologist
Powers:Control over the Storm(Thunder, Lightning, some wind)
Favorite Songs: "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven, "Walking on Air" by Kerli
Personal Quote: "First comes the lightning, then the thunder. But you won't be around to hear it."

Zoe Astrapios Donder is an American College Student majoring in Mythology at the University of Athens. After the month of chaos, Spring Break allows her to head home to the bustling city of Lito Creek, California. When she arrives, however, she finds her mother killled in one of the violent storms that plagued the city. Mourning, she's going through her old house when Hera, Queen of Olympus, appears to her and tells her of the second great war between the Titans and the Gods, how the Gods were defeated, and that Kronos, Titan Lord, threatens Olympus.

Zoe never knew her father, and Hera is the one that tells her it was Zeus. The Gods have been destroyed, and now Zoe and other children like her have inherited the powers of their parents. It is their duty to use their powers to combat Kronos and his Titan Generals, Typhon and Asteria, their army of monsters, and the mysterious fighter called Titan Red.

So, yeah, here's the first ranger, the leader, Centurion Yellow. Her middle name, Astrapios, means the "lightninger" which is an epithet of Zeus that fit perfectly. As Demigods, the rangers are referred to as their middle names, sorta like a formal thing. Her visor is meant to look like lightning bolts, as is her symbol. I sorta stole the symbol of Zeus from Disney's Hercules XD. That also doubles as the symbol for the entire team. Her weapon is the Thunderbolt Saber, which, when combines with the other weapons, forms the team's weapon, the Blade of Olympus. It can shoot lightning from its tip. Zoe's Divine Beast, or Zord, is the Thunder Divine Beast, a bull. When it charges, it's hooves are said to be the sound of Thunder. It forms the Torso/Chest, Head, and weapon of the Olympian Megazord. Zoe is the leader of the Centurions because of her father being Zeus. She is a very brave individual with a strong sense of justice and vengeance. She also knows the most about Mythology due to her major, which is in indispensable asset to the team.

I've figured out the rangers home base--Olympus! Or, at least, a small part anyway. In the battle between the titans and the Gods, Hera was the only God to survive, and as she escaped she managed to steal away a part of Olympus before the rest was destroyed. She sorta "plants" this part in Lito Creek, and it exists as sort of an alternate plane to Lito Creek. Each of the Rangers can access it using their own element or divine powers. Zoe can transport herself and others to Olympy(The rangers pet name for the mini-Olympus XD) through electrical currents and technology. Oh, and I've decided the Rangers morphers will be Slider Phones, and, much like Mystic Force, different number combinations will mean different things. The way the summon the phone in Ranger form will be like transporting to Olympy, they'll have to summon it using their element. So, in a flash of lightning, Zoe gets her Phone, which I still haven't though of a name yet.

More to come! Next, Pogue's Profile! Hope ya like! (^_~)

Power Rangers belong to Disney/Saban or whatever, the idea of Centurions to me.
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