Tethys- Animated Picture

Tethys(tEth[as in ‘death’]-EEs) is the Titaness of water...Specifically fresh water and oceans(But mostly fresh water). She is the mother of all the major rivers in the Greeks' days...The Nile,the Alpheus,etc,and also the mother of the Oceanids. In the legends,she was the foster mother of Hera,raising her during the war between the Titans and the future Olympians. However,in the animated movie,this connection was not touched upon; Rather,Hera was portrayed as physically older than Tethys.

I’m sure Tethys will have plenty of time to consider this down in Tartarus.

This rendition of Tethys is based off of the design used in ‘Hercules and Xena: The Animated Movie’, just like my Mnemosyne([link]). So,I’ll be cruel and not repeat the explanation, forcing you to look at her too if you want the explanation.
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