Innocence Picture

A "simple" illustration for one of my current small comic project named "Matrika". It became sort of incomplete somehow because I thought it would look better this way, so it's intencional, not unfinished.

Matrika, according to India's tradition and mythology, is the mother of all gods, like Hera in the Greek one, sorta like. Why of the purpose, you'll know later. The girl staring in the image is Marisa and has you can see she's a ghost. For the record, the story is rolled in the India's soil. That's all for now. I'm working on this comic ^^.

All I can say is that this comic is dedicated to all the innocent children that live in the middle of a war and who deserve a better life than a world of fear and injustice.


Done with Pencil/Graffitte Pencils
Final Adjusts with Photoshop 6.0

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