Notes Sketch Picture

I sketched this on my classical mythology notes during class, that's why there's little bits about Zeus, Hera and Io around her. (Notice I was writing so quickly I made some spelling errors, haha.)
She's my goddess of death and shadows. Her hair is supposed to be black, (while her skin actually is gray) but I didn't quite have the time to darken it to its true color. I did this during 2 class periods, so about 2 hours.
I'll move her to scraps after awhile because of the scribbled notes around her; I know not everyone watches my scraps. If only I had drawn this on real good quality paper... But I thought I would upload something since I'm taking so long to finish other drawings.
Tools: Pencil, red colored pencil for the eyes
Character and art belongs to me, don't use without permission

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