A Minotaur In My Notes. Picture

Bah. Yes, I know the quality is crap; I'll fix that by either scanning it when I get home or redrawing it on a sketchpad.

If you got a sense of deja vu, you've seen her before. I do not draw Hera's minotaur form often, but this is what happens when those three belts are removed. The result is a nasty minotaur with raw, truck-style power and the ability to momentarily brainwash people via eye contact.

Yes, I know I need to finish her other tail, among other things. Since somebody asked, it is also totally possible female cows to have horns as well as bulls (but they're usually shorter). We'll see what I decide to do with her...

This version of Hera belongs to me. For now. She is part of Pet Project I.
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