Echo~ Picture

Fanart for a greek myth my class is reading, Echo and Narcissus.

Echo, the most beautiful of all the wood nymphs, gets a curse placed on her by the great and all powerful mighty goddess, Zeus's wife, Hera. Hera dislikes how Echo talks too much, therefore she casts a curse on Echo which restricts her only to speak when another is speaking. And she can only repeat what the person is saying. (Like an echo!) Soon after the curse, she falls in love with Narcissus, a handsome wood nymph with a cruel heart. For he loves nobody but himself. One day, Echo follows him through the forest and he gets lost and cries for help. Echo reaches out for him, but Narcissus pushes her away, saying he does not want anything to do with her. Echo is then left basically for dead on a lone rock in the forest. This is a depiction of Echo, crying on the rock she was abandoned on for her love, Narcissus.
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