Hephaistos Picture

Hephaistos! Known to the Romans as Vulcan, or Vulcanos.
The god of fire, volcanoes, and all kinds of engineering, construction, and sculpture.

Hef is the younger son of Zeus and Hera. He's a genius and an artiste about his work; however, he's not too popular among the gods, because he's not exactly easy on the eyes. Actually, when Hera first saw her son, she freaked out and threw him out the window. This window was located on the top of Olympus, of course. Now...gods are pretty tough creatures, but he was a newborn, and that's a long fall. So now he's in a wheelchair.

Hef is married to Aphrodite, after impressing her with his mad bling-forging skills. However, she ignores him and goes fooling around with...practically every one else that there is. Hef cries onto the well-sculpted shoulders of his beautiful, lady-shaped robot shop assistants.

Dis: Life is Hell <--Lo! A comic of mythological mayhem. You should read it.

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