Short Story: ECHO Picture

File size: ~7MB
Duration: ~3 minutes


A....spontaneous practice thing I did for time-based media class. =v=; My direction is storytelling, medium is frame-by-frame hand-drawn images, and the theme of the assignment is "echo".

Wikipedia is where my concept originated from from:

Echo (phenomenon)
"The name "echo" comes from the Greek nymph Ηχώ from Greek mythology. According to Greek mythology Echo was a Nymph who had the job of talking incessantly to Hera, the Queen of the Gods, so that her husband, Zeus, would not get caught in his numerous affairs. Hera caught on to Echo's trick and cursed her to only be able to say what others had just said — hence the word "echo"."

"Alice" is the girl's design and name because of the symbolism of course, but mostly because she's the star of my next assignment (with Alice in Wonderland theme).

Symbolism is the thing I dig into, I think. My prof quite liked it. ovo;

[edit] I fail at the preview image thing =A=======
It's supposed to look like this: [link]
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