Hero Bones 14 Picture

I thought this page would be easy, but Hermes' room gave me more problems than expected. I imagined his room to be, maybe not exactly untidy, but full of stuff everywhere since, you know, he has many and varied occupations. Plus he steals things all the time. Easier said than done. I still didn't come up with so many things to draw, since people simply didn't have so many belongings back then.

At first I thought he should have lots of souvenirs from different countries that he's been to, but that made his room look terribly kitschy to a modern eye (of the Olympians, Dionysos is more likely to have kitschy decorations. Yes. Absolutely. Kitschy things from India). I let him keep the little Egyptian Thoth statuette on the shelf, though. Mostly because Hermes was actually identified with Thoth.
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