Daddys Girl 115 Picture

God, this page... Things just came out wrong all the time when I was working on it and at the same time I felt a lack of motivation. Why should I work so hard with these comic pages when this kind of comic probably isn't what most people want to read anyway (I'm not referring to anyone in here, but rather the trend in Sweden to prefer realism and stories taken from real life)? On the other hand, should I stop drawing the comics I like just because it isn't what most people want to read? No, of course not! Stop whining and just keep on drawing.

Anyway, this is Tethys and Okeanos, Rhea's siblings and Hera's foster parents. Hera likes them very much. They and their three thousand daughters, the Okeanides, were said to preside over the sources of earth's fresh-water. In ancient Greek art Okeanos is sometimes depicted with a fish tail and the horns of a bull (that later was changed to crab-claw horns when he became seen as the sea personified rather than an earth-encircling river). Here he's more humanlike, but I let him wear a cloak with patterns that remind of fishscales. And of course their home is filled with ponds and fountains.
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