Hercules' Sister Picture

Well because of quantum-witch and kyria I am now hooked on the greek goddess Persephone, she only appeared in one scene of Hercules, (when Hercules could finally return home to Olympus, she was standing right behind him).

In Greek mythology, Persephone (Kore or Cora) was the embodiment of the Earth's fertility at the same time that she was the Queen of the Underworld, the korē (or young maiden), and the parthenogenic daughter of Demeter—and, in later Classical myths, a daughter of Demeter and Zeus. (Wikipedia)

So we know that Hercules is the son of Zeus, so that would make Hercules and Persephone half siblings, (same father different mother) and also in Greek Mythology, yes Hera (in the Disney film is Hercules mother) is the true wife of Zeus, but Zeus had multiple lovers, hence the joke in the pic.
Now if you guys don't find that bizarre, Zeus and Hades are brothers, in further of Persephone's story, Hades abducted, raped, and married her. She is the daughter of his brother, Hades raped and married his own niece! The Greeks did some kinky stuff in those stories! Anyways hope you guys like the pic (I hope I got the stories right) Please comment and let me know what you think!
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