pantheon - chalchiuhtlicue Picture


I'm taking a class on Latin American history, and we spent the first three classes talking about the Aztecs, Maya, and Inca. (tidbit: when I was little I was obsessed with the Aztecs. no rly. when I was like 7 I wrote a "play" about an Aztec princess who died tragically at the end, and I even made a prop knife out of paper for it. AND YOU WONDER WHY I AM THE WAY I AM TODAY.)

ANYHOO. I decided to finally attempt translating Mesoamerican deities into Pantheon form, which I had put off because well, it's HARD. Egyptian or Greek deities have much clearer designs, just speaking visually, and there's a lot more available regarding them in terms of information. But I was inspired when I found a couple of good books on Mesoamerican mythology in my university library, and I tried my hand at Pantheonifying some of my favorite deities!

This is Chalchiuhtlicue (hey, I just write about them and draw them, don't ask me to pronounce that), the Aztec goddess of bodies of water and of childbirth. I'm still developing her character as of yet (and I haven't gotten a design for her husband Tlaloc down yet), but she's going to be the benevolent mother goddess figure who hides an inner core of badass (like most Aztec deities, human sacrifices were made in her name). I don't know if I'm going to have her constantly surrounded by bubbles and streams of water, but it's certainly a way to make an entrance. XD

I have a sort of unwritten rule regarding my Pantheon designs: the more commonly-known these deities are in the present day (both in popular knowledge and in revivalist or continuing religions) and the more their images have been adapted to modern ideas (i.e. dynamic as opposed to static), the more modern their clothing and designs will end up being. For example, most of the Greek gods and goddesses are modernized because interpretations of their roles have changed over the years, but someone like Hera, who is perhaps not as well known as someone like Aphrodite, and whose role did not evolve much from ancient times, is going to be wearing less modern clothing than Aphrodite (whose style changes virtually by the year, in my mind). With these Mesoamerican deities I'm going for the least modernized designs of all my Pantheon characters, because worship of them was virtually wiped out by Spanish colonization and because they're not nearly as well known as the other pantheons.

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