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This is Ares, the Greek god of war and strife, one of the Twelve Olympians, and son of Zeus and Hera. He symbolizes the physical, visceral aspects of war, including fighting, bloodshed, and direct combat.

Ares and Thunder Woman seldom encounter each other, mostly due to Samantha seldom being in the same vicinity as the conflicts that Ares usually visits. However, as a god of war, he does cast a nodding approval toward the sort of conflict Thunder Woman and other super-folk perpetrate, and may even be responsible to some degree for encouraging it. However, at the end of the day, Ares is not a villain, but a force of nature who represents the human inclination toward warfare.

Thunder Woman has encountered Ares on at least two occasions outside of her visits to Olympus. The first time was when she attempted to intervene in the South Ossetia War while Samantha was on an archeological expedition in the region. The power of Zeus imbued in her allowed the heroine to see Ares and his attendants bearing witness to and even encouraging the warfare around them. Seeing the gods as the true cause, she tried to dissuade and fight them, neither effort proving successful when Ares' attendants overwhelmed her. When Samantha attempted to challenge Ares to duel, he easily bested the heroine, making a point that her efforts to stop the war were futile when she herself was a being that did nothing but fight, and that in the end, the war around her was no different than the fights with supervillains she engaged in on a regular basis. This crushed Samantha's spirit, leading to her defeat by the United Nations superteam Interguard, who arrested her for unsanctioned intervention.

The second instance occurred much later, when Thunder Girl, similarly frustrated over the futility of combat, attempted to become a more proactive heroine. Along with Thunder Woman, Ares brought them before a primordial entity known only as The Condition, a being that represented the shadow cast on all reality by sentient life. The Condition challenged Thunder Girl to prove that she or any heroine like her could make a difference against the violence of the universe. In tests of might, combat, and intellect, Thunder Girl, nor Thunder Woman, could overcome the entity. Lesson learned, Ares prepared to take them, but not before The Condition gave the two heroines a beacon of hope, that though the odds were insurmountable to them, that collectively, sentient life could eventually overcome the innate violent aspect, and that though the heroines could not individually change all life for the better, they could still sow the seeds for change in the future.

Ares and Thunder Woman have not met one on one since then. In spite of their confrontations, he respects her, and though he will not prevent his mother from carrying out her vendetta against Samantha, he does not support her either, and has even helped Samantha on some occasions.

As a god, Ares is possessed of vast power. However, he has given up a great deal of magical power in favor of being a living embodiment of war. He possesses skill in combat that surpasses all but the very best fighters in human history, and he has an innate instinct that allows him to know how to use a weapon to the best of its ability, no matter what it is. He is only surpassed by those who choose to specialize, such as Herakles with wrestling, or Artemis and Apollo with archery. In combat, he tends to wield a spear and sword as his primary weapons, blessed by his godly essence and built by Hephaestus.

Furthermore, like all the gods he is immortal, able to recover from almost any injury given time, and great superhuman strength. He does retain some magical power, but refrains from using it in an offensive or defensive capacity, instead relying on it for more utilitarian uses, such as dimensional movement and teleporting himself and his entourage.

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