Triumvirate Picture

This is a shopping bag I designed for a shoe company in Italy. The shoe company is my own idea and copyrighted. It does not actually exist.

The basis for the design is around the name of the company, "Triumvirate," wich is the power of three. It is the three ruling gods of the greek, etruscan, and roman mythologies. My gods are predominantly etruscan based but the other cultures are more commonly heard of.

These gods are depicted in a modern way. They are what the gods would look like in this time and if they were models haha...

The whole idea was to blend the old and the new of Italy. Mythology and Fashion all in Art. What's more Italian?

The three gods are:

Center: Tinia in Etruscan mythology, Zues in Greek mythology, and Jupiter in Roman mythology. Tinia is the King of all the gods and has power over the weather and sky. In this depiction he holds an unbrella symbolizing his power over the weather and replacing the lightning bolts he normally holds that would be too mythical. His totem animal is the eagle. The eagle symbolizes power and strength.

Left: Uni in Etruscan mythology, Hera in Greek mythology, and Juno in Roman mythology. Uni is the queen of the gods and rules over marriage, child birth, and female fertility. In this depiction she holds pomergranets symbolizing her immortality and everlasting beauty. Her totem animal is the peacock. The peacock symbolizes beauty and pride.

Right: Minevra in Etruscan mythology, Athena in Greek mythology, and Minerva in Roman mythology. Minevra was daughter of both Tinia and Uni. She was born from Tinia's skull and is the goddes of wisdom, arts and crafts, and war strategy. She holds books symbolizing her wisdom and intelligence. Her totem animal is the owl. The owl symbolizes intelligence and success.

The three birds are the mascots of the company and help to form the triangular logo. The three birds embody what the shoe that is being sold is all about: Power, Success, and Beauty. The logo is also the eternity symbol of many peagan cultures and the power of three is a precence in many cultures as well. Each corner of the triangle represents a bird and idea and all of them are connected by the circle.

The models are my best friends I went to school with while in Italy. Alejandro (TInia), Anna (Uni), and Christine (Minevra). I miss them very much already.
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