Chelone - Lady of Tortoises Picture

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Chelone, Lady of tortoises;

"Once upon a time, the almighty Zeus, and his wife Hera was too be married.
They sent invitations out to every man, animal and living creature in the world.
Unfortunately, a nymph of Artemis did not want to attend to the wedding, Chelone was her name, she did not wish to leave her home that day.
The harsh words Chelone did reply on the invitation made Hera so furious that she and Zeus visited the nymph, and turned her into a tortoise for eternaty. The tortoise twas the symbol of silence, that way Chelone would never speak again, and would never leave her home."

... Do not anger the gods...


Well, needed a break from all my TMNT fanart :]
Well, because my scanner is crap, I had to photograph those bleedin' drawings, wich gives it a hell'a bad quality.
Anyhoo, my concentration SHOULD be on my gift for so... As soon as my scaner works Foxxy.

Anyhoo; I love making up new characters, even though Chelone (the tortoise) actually is a very unknown character from the greek mythology.

I suppose
Zeus, Hera & Chelone is © Those very very disturbed perveted old men from the ancient greece
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