Hera Goddess By Name, Hera Picture

Hera, or Juno in Roman, is the Greek goddess and the wife of Zeus, or Jupiter in Roman!

As far as I know it, Zeus always seem to do something that upsets Hera into a deed of harming or ruining mortals' (people) lives! She's my least favorite, because she always seems merciless!

That's why in this picture, you see Craig "Crazy" Cluck, being chased by Hera and all the erinyes!

A erinyes (or an erinye in single) are creatures that pointed out to the gods or goddesses to the folks who have murdered someone, especially those who've killed a relative! They are considered to be females, three of them, but in pursuit, they have dog heads with snakes for hair and bat wings!

The erinyes came when the blood of Uranus, the sky god fell into the earth, three drops of them which makes three erinyes!
Now, Craig didn't do anything wrong! It's just that Hera is being offensive to him like do bad things to him!

I think both Zeus and Hera are bad.....

April 23 - 24, 2011

Hera and the three erinyes are copyrighted to Homer, the one who've invented the Greek mythology! Excellent job there, Homer!
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