Mythology Class Cover Picture

Yay! Mythology Class Cover! I know it looks crappy and shitty and like I didn't put much effort into it. But I did work my a** off..

Okay characters: the naked girl is Aphrodite(Venus), red-head dude is Ares(Warren), guy waving hand around is Apollo(mark), girl trying to glomp behind him is Artemis(Mary), the girl with the hand gun is Demeter(Angela), the girl with a crown is Hera(Allyson), the guy next to her is Zeus(Jerome), the glasses/book carrying girl is Athena(Portia), next to her is red-head flower in hair Persephone(Kara), the dude with a trident on his shirt is Poseidon(Jonah), the mohawk dude is Hades(Jason), next to him in his famous undergarments Dionysus(Frank), the guy with crutches is Hephaestus(Quimwel), and below Persephone is Hestia(Anna)

and the naked dude humping the disco ball is none other than Hermes(Sam).

Yes, all the gods want to get the disco stick- I mean- ball.
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