Hera Picture

Greek mythology has always fascinated me, and I used to be obsessed with it. Starting in fourth grade, I read mounds of books on the subject, and I was constantly sketching up pics of the gods and goddesses. I've drawn ever since I could hold a pencil, but mythology really helped further my artistic interest.

Here we have Hera, wife (and sister) to Zeus and goddess of marriage and childbirth. Zeus saw her one day after a long separation and must have though, "Hoo, boy, sis got really hot." Legend has it that he transformed himself into a peacock and pretended to be all sick and abandoned in the rain. Hera saw the "peacock" and had the typical "oh, poor baby!" reaction. As she cradled him, he told her that he was long lost brother Zeus and asked for her hand in marriage. Hera was flattered and said yes and then they...um...well, you can guess what happened.

According to the myths, Zeus was, to put it simply, the original Hugh Heffner, constantly having affairs with anyone who had a trace of estrogen, and he wasn't exactly secretive about it. Naturally, Hera grew very jealous and was known to strike out violently against his mistresses. Eventually, she got so paranoid that she would just accuse any pretty maiden of having an affair with good ol' brother Zeus and kill them, imprison them for eternity, doom them to a life of nothingness, etc.

Even when Zeus wasn't doing anything wrong, Hera had issues with him. She needed constant assurance that she was the best, the most beautiful, the most sublime, the wisest, etc. She was also known to be cruel, unjust, and extremely superficial. For example, when she and Zeus had a son together he was born ugly and deformed, so Hera was all, "Like, ew!" and literally kicked the baby out of the heavens where he fell to earth. This is the same ugly, deformed kid that would eventually become god of the blacksmiths, fire, and volcanoes. There was a lot of groveling for forgiveness after that.

Hera was the original desperate housewife.

This drawing was deliberately stylized because I felt like it.
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