Three Greek Goddesses Picture

i looked at this the morning after i drew it and saw that they had the same dress colors as the power puff girls, which wasn't intentional.
so i drew the Greek goddesses Pallas Athena- the goddess of wisedom- which is why she's holding the book (blue dress); Artemis in green, and i would've made the moons on her clothes gold, but Apollo has gold sun and Artemis is the silver moon and she's wearing a forest green dress because she's the goddess of the moon and the hunt; and finally Hera, who's outfit was a takeoff from Hera in Disney's Hercules and she has a ring on her wedding finger because she's the goddess of marriage and one of my favorite goddesses (the other's being Artemis, Demeter, & Pallas Athena)

please comment and tell me what you think.
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