Hera Picture

I'm into Greek Mythology but a Goddess character isn't fun to play as a prudent, conceited, omnipotent know-it-all. So Hera's pretty easy-going. Though she can be whatever form she wishes, this is considered to be her 'true' form as it's the most often used. She may try and seduce or manipulate people, just getting kicks out of the mortals but she's never usually looking to cause intentional harm. Being immortal doesn't necessarily mean she will not die. Age and flesh wounds won't affect her, but of course, if you hack her into a thousand peices-- I think that's pretty much the end. I'm just blabbing about the character and not the art...

This is my second attempt at a felinesque furre, though, this time with hair. I may have over-done the hair but it's acceptable, no? I don't entirely like it but I'm trying harder to get into the anthro theme.

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