Mythology Picture

Yes. Mythology. I like Mythology!

The brid is Quetzalcoatl, or the Aztec god of gold (or something like that). Pretty realistic, though it was probably all yellow and more jewel covered, though the gold and jade were probably the only jewels it would have been wearing.

Isis is the one in white and blue, probably the most realistic of the three, because I know more about ancient Egyptian mythology more. The headress is straight out of the heiroglyphics. So is the gold and lapis-lazuli. Isis is the goddess of childbirth (or something), Similar to Hera from Greek mythology.

Pele is the last one, in probably the most inaccurate, since I've never seen a picture of her. She is the Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes.

Turned out pretty good, don'tcha think?
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