A fly trough mythology Picture

Lilo sat on the beach and let the white sand run trough her hands. She closed her eyes and listened to sound of crushing waves. At her side was her beloved Obertaurer Mjölnir. Since he had come to PS she had become more and more the trainer of their Obertaurers. And so she had decided to take him home, as she came there for a visit. He really seemed to enjoy the water and beach.

After some time, Lilo had already streched out in the sand, as Mjöl lifted his head and twichted his ears. A young mare was playing in the waves. She kicked it up, jumped into it and seemed to have sooo much fun. He trotted over, prancing. Soon the two of them were all wet and still not tired of theiur game. Lilo smiled. She had seen the mare before. A friend of hers had offered her to take the young one. With a sigh she took out her phone.

"Milo, you suck..." she laughed "prepare the papers, and organise the flight back for her!"


So yeah, Mjölnir made friends with the Metamorphosis mare Hera. Ancient mythology sticks together
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