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I loved that this pony was named after the greek goddess of Marriage so it got me thinking that she would have some traits that are simalar to goddess herself who I am going design so in my mind she is named after her due to the simalarites in talent and personality
I did make a bio for her aswell I got carried away
Name: Hera
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Personality: Hera is the daughter of Princess Cadance and Rainbow Dash,she is not the goddess herself but is mistaken for her on many occasions,she is a ruthless ruler and has a jealous side that is not to be crossed,she will othen meddle in other peoples business and has many enemies due it,she has inherited few traits from her mothers though she'd hate to admit it.
She does not get along with Rainbow Dash due to them clashing over small matter and never seeming to agree while she holds her other Princess Cadance in high esteem seeing her power over love fascinating and interesting to watch,Her talent is that she can match together even the most different of ponys together to form an unbreakable bond that would on strengthen in time,she does not however having any control over marriage as it is.She is othen seen by others as a majestic mare with a vengeful streak but is well respected even if she can be a bit rude to others.

I just had to make a personality for her and try out for her cause I love greek mythology so much and I've tried to in corparate it in any way with Asteria and Apate but I would love to decide Hera/Juno as myself so this Hera is sort of like a mortal version who isn't as cruel as Hera can be

DTA: [link]

I did win her which I am very pleased about
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