Hera The Crypt Dragon Picture

Name: Hera

Scientific Name: Notosreptilia dracomimus

Species: unclassified Squamata group(Mosasaurs, snakes, lizards) has been dubbed “Crypt Dragon”

Length: 160 meters

Wingspan: 120 meters

Height: Varies

-super regeneration: The Crypt Dragon has incredible regeneration even for a Kaiju. Healing is almost instant in many cases. No known injury lasts long on the serpant. Even losing massive parts of its body.
-super strength: Crypt Dragon can easily move around with its muscular body much like a Python or Boa, but his muscle be used for all sorts of purposes. Including fighting in melee battles.
-bacteria saliva: Crypt Dragon has a body full of special Bacteria only found in her body. It rapidly kills blood cells, white blood cells and stunts regeneration.
-Mach 3 flight: Despite being so heavy and long, she can fly at astounding speed.
-Particle Beam: Some how, by some unknown force, the Crypt Dragon can gather loose particles in the air into her mouth and fire them in a powerful and devastating beam attack. It can burn through most materials.

Diet: Fresh, preferably live meat

Info and Description: There was a reason this mutation program was done in the Andes Mountains. A ancient crypt of some old civilization was found in a deep inside the mountains, dedicated to some sort of serpent god. The language was very complex and few things could be translated. At first, it was though to be Quetzalcoatl, but the stone statues and carvings were to far different then the feathered god in mythology.
Anyway, the reason the facility was made in these mountains was because of what was found inside the tomb. Inside was a strange, hard material that was high in radiation. But unlike Uranium or Plutonium or some other radioactive metal, it didn’t affect anyone that got near it, let alone touched it. When it was worked the right way however, it did affect life forms. This hard, rock like material was then being harvested and used to create mutations in animals, thus creating Kaiju.
It was strange. At first it was though to be a vein of some unknown element or compound. Every day the material was harvested by digging it out as any other mining project so it could be used to mutate animals into Kaiju bio-weapons. That was a mistake.
Turns out that this strange, hard material was not a rock, not a metal, not a new element or anything like that. It was a monster. A living, relatively breathing Kaiju that was sleeping in suspended animation inside the rocks. Once this was realized, the mining stop in fear of waking up the creature by accident. After all, it was buried here one way or another and that was for a reason. So it was best it wasn’t rudely awakened and utterly enraged.
Little did anyone know that L.O.P was involved. The entire project was a ruse to make more of there “Gods” for there dark purpose of ridding humans from the planet. So it was no surprise that when this monster was discovered, that they planned to release it.
L.O.P members planted charges all around the sleeping serpentine monster during the night, and set the bombs off. The tomb was ruined, many secrets to a lost civilization, lost. Too add on, the creature did wake up, and all hell broke loose! The monster torn apart the side of the mountain to escape, wrecked the facility, released the few monsters that were successful and killed two of the sloth Kaiju and completely ended the mutation program.

The creature was named Hera and her species dubbed “Crypt Dragon” for two reasons. One, it was found in a ancient crypt. Two, it resembled a dragon. However, it is not what you call, a dragon. The Kaiju was indeed relation to Lizards, Snakes and Mosasaurs. In fact, in theory the creature descended from the mosaurus family due to the strange limbs that are neither hands, feet, wings, flippers or claws. They tend to be something in between. The joint where the hands should be has developed in a strange prehensile joint that acts as a hand. Muscles and scales make up a strange false finger so it can grip onto things such as steep ledges and prey items. So the creature has no true hands or claws on its wings. Back legs are almost completely devolved as well. All that is left are claw like spikes that act to cling onto ledges.
Other then that, the Crypt Dragon moves rather like a snake then any other creature. It rarely uses its wings to move around. Preferably it will slither. She is at home one land, water, or in the air. She also likes to hide in cave like areas and places she can climb, scale and hide in. Rather a sneaky beast for such a highly large and aggressive one.
Her power is great. Besides the casual healing, super strength and flying, she has bacteria filled salvia she can spit in massive blobs or in a mist like spray. As well as biting, its easy to get infected by this deadly spit. She also has a very devastating Particle Beam. The beam will burn anything it touches with high temperature. Most metals are useless and most armored bodies are just as helpless. Her own armored head protects her from the damage of the beam.
The armored head itself can be used as an weapon as well. The frill, the armored under-bite of a jaw, and most of the frontal body is covered in thick scales and shell like plates. The tail and under belly is rather soft however. Most weapons could penetrate but that’s when Regenerating comes into play. In all, this monster is a really dangerous one in particular.
Hera’s attitude and personality is described as such. The attitude of a cobra, the viciousness of a Mosasaur, and the sympathy of a komodo dragon… sounds about right. She gets along with no one, and will start fights at a moments notice. She just seems pissed in general at everything that moves. Her hunting, she will eat any living creature that is noticeable. The only time she is tolerable is when she is asleep or has a full stomach.
It is only a guess, but this comes from the remains of the tomb she was sleeping in. When the explosions occurred, a new chamber was opened. There were skeletons and remains of other Crypt Dragons. Eggs, bones, and all of them show signs of fighting. Even the young had broken bones and seemingly remains of other crypt dragons inside here stomach areas. Concluding from this, Crypt Dragons were are guessed as very unsociable and aggressive toward even there own kind, with the apparent exception of newborn young to care for. Another guess is that males were dramatically smaller then females. This is only a theory that cant be proven.
Hera moves around the planet with the seasons. She rarely stays in Akan Crater where she is constantly relocated too.


Now, THIS was fun. This creature has alot of backstory with me. I have been thinking of this one since I started on my next few Kaiju after Vastrato. And finally, he works! Rather, she... its a female.
See, the Crypt Dragon was sort of me and my freinds idea. His name was Bradlee Brewer, but also goes by a bunch of his stupid names like Kanna, Hinata-chan, and stuff like that. Hes sort of... well, not to be offensive, but he is literally retarded. He beleives he is a "Two Tailed Nekomata" and has over 55 problems with him that I can name... hes interolable.
But when I was younger all I did was spend time with him. I was in the same Special Education class for a mentle disorder I still have, but doesnt affect me that much.
Ok, got off track. He had ideas for stories about a "Reptile Wendigo King" that was nothing but a guy who messed up and got into problems. Cartoony, goofy, silly problems... it was a mixture of everything and probably would make a great cartoon if ever created. If you like getting mindfucked and letting reality out the window.
well one of his creations was "the Crypt Dragon" A race of brutal, hungry, serpent dragins with just wings. Me and him made species after species, after species of them.

Well me and him dont talk much anymore... I can barly tolerate him. But I decided to do this for me and him, to show that me and him still are freinds... but hes still the most annoying sonuvabitch in the world.

Anyway I could do commentary over this one Kaiju since I tried putting so much into it. Just enjoy, comment, and favorite it please.

please and thank you ^^
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