hera Picture

I like this one ^_^

Watercolor of the goddess Hera. I hope she looks...er...'divine' enough. There's a hidden peacock in there (I dunno if it seems hidden, maybe you saw it right away) because her animals are the peacock and the cow....I didn't want to paint a cow in there -_-;

maybe I'll do a mythology series. for first semester in english we read this huge mythology book and did all these study guides and tests on it (which sounds like it'd be interesting right? wrong...it was soooo boring...) so I decided to paint the main goddess dealio person which made it a little better ^^

there's glitter on her gloves but the scanner killed it...which I don't mind because at least he's alive <3

done with watercolor, white acryllic paint, and a tad bit of nail polish ^_~

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