John Michaelson And The Creatons Picture


Chapter 1

“Wakey wakey” my eyes fluttered open.”My,my sunlight really does accentuate those cinnamon eyes of yours.” Bright rays of sunlight came piercing through the window. I know a lot of girls think I’m ‘cute’ but it’s really uncomfortable being flattered by one of your aunts. “Aunty M, please leave, the door awaits you…you’re so creepy sometimes.”I said hiding my face in the pillow. “How dare you….you insultant child after all i have done for you!”She shouted angrily as she lashed me with a broom.”I’m not too old yet to put you in your place..get-off -the-bed!” All her lashing made my neck pop out of place and my head slammed into the wooden bedhead. The long metal rod connecting my head to my body began to rotate uncontrollably .

“Aghhh stop M your making my circuits go out again!”

She stopped hitting me.

“after all I have done for you she screamed.look at what you have done to my house”.

My bedside table was overturned the vase that rested on top was shattered on the floor .Splinters were everywhere .Wasn’t that her fault?

Her short fat body grooved towards the door. I watched as she tapped a crazy little rhythm with the broom on the way out my room .Her wild puffy gray hair blew in the morning breeze then she turned sharply “do I looks like a model?”Aunt M had her chalk white hands on her hips bending her knees as she shook her hips seductively. I remained silent for a long while “umm …no”I said nervously. Aunty M turned and began to shout “don’t lie to me, don’t lie to me I knows you’s been watching me son, I knows!”thankfully aunty D came into the room. “Mabel you ain’t tired trying?”Aunt D had her hands on her hips standing in the doorway. I finally had the chance to put my neck back in place. “Trying what Diana I ain’t doin nothing…” Aunty M spoke with a soft innocent voice.”Mabel you too old for him go down stairs and make yourself useful.” Aunty M moved slowly to the door “come on Mabel “aunty D said beckoning her with one of her arms.

“Don’t worry I’m coming back later I think I forgot my teeth in here ...I was cleaning the room when it fell out...”Aunty M said walking backwards, aunty D started to chuckle “you know full well you don’t wear no false teeth M”Aunty D was the most sane of the three women living in the house she was tall with bronze skin and had a well endowed chest and she always carried a six inch pistol in her purse at all times. “You have school mister get up now… do-not- be-late”. My name is john michaelson and honestly I’m the most unfortunate boy in the world .Well that too but I’m also a cyborg. When I was three months old my father ,Sean Chepelskii, a Russian inventor and mechanical engineer created a metal that grew as I grew and could stretch as far as I could stretch without hurting myself .However mysteriously it was hard as any metal. Unfortunately my father was killed in an explosion in his laboratory. I was three at the time and only I survived the blast .As, for my mother Kim michaelson well…she’s a player…at least that’s what my aunts told me .I’ve never seen her. My aunts instructed me never to reveal my abilities .They told me my father was a criminal and my abilities could get me into serious trouble.

“Thanks for the breakfast aunty A.” Aunty Amelia’s short wavy hair was tied into a bun she was extremely short and fat with huge boobs and big lips.”yeah baby have fun at school “her voice was raspy however it was warm at the same time .I grabbed my skate board and skated out the house as i landed on the bottom of the stairs I looked up the street “John come for your lunch money!”.There was aunty D pressing her pistol into a man’s face ”I said hand me your money negro do not make me say this again or you go need a body bag baby ,you go need a body bag” the man’s trembling fingers handed over his fat cash filled wallet. Aunty D threw the wallet at me “take forty bucks you want anymore?”I closed the wallet and threw it back to her “no thanks D I’m cool”

I smiled .My aunts don’t like being called aunty in public. I turned around and began to skate down the street.”That was all my salary for the week what am I going to do?”The recently victimized motorist asked. “Well you should have known no to pass through the hood with it” aunt d said snapping her fingers “but I’m about to meet my wife for dinner in a restaurant how am I going to pay for the meal?” I stopped and turned around to see my aunt’s reaction .Aunty D responded”Well you look like a Christian tell them Jesus paid it all…and negro… run like hell!”I spun around, classic aunty D. I guess under the circumstances living in a house with three mad black women is the next best thing to the orphanage.

I came to an abrupt halt in front of a large black gate. Inside was a huge state of the arts school at the centre of a gigantic lawn. Considering the fact that all three of my guardians live in the hood I really started questioning the means by which they obtained the money to send me to this private school .The Andrews academy was well renowned for their excellent performing arts program. Everyone there looked so rich. Unlike me of course .My shirt was scruffy, my hair was a mess and I did not know how to tie a tie so I tied it around my arm. I was already ten minutes late for school so I scaled the gate since I forgot my computerized identification card at home .Inside the school the auditorium was large and easy to find it appeared as if there was a large crowd there so I moved towards that area. I stepped into the sunlight .”Welcome girls boys and in between to the Andrews academy...” a blonde man said flamboyantly as he jumped out of a helicopter and landed on the stage. He did a hand stand and jumped to his feet. The swarm of students cheered. My name is Mr. Apollo. Cameras flashed and a red carpet rolled out from nowhere across the stage. The man was blonde with piercing blue eyes he wore a smart baby blue suit. I watched in bewilderment as the female students squealed with excitement as he stuck an exotic pose. Is this a hired clown because this sort of entertainment does not appeal to me. As I thought this he blurted out “And I am the principal of the wonderful establishment” my jaws dropped. Seriously D,seriously. No wonder their drama department is one of the best in the world.

He skipped across the stage swinging his arms as if he was running through a field of daises. He then closed his eyes and cleared his throat.”In all seriousness”he continued “I have come to welcome our freshmans and our new transfer students from all across the world!” Although he was ‘serious’ he made dramatic hand movements and expressions that had the students laughing. I scanned the auditorium everyone especially the female students were captivated by this man’s persona.

I stood scratching my head passing my hands through my messy hair. I cracked my knuckles I could have felt the bolts readjusting themselves in my fingers. My grey tie was still wrapped around my arm when i felt a lash on my back a thud was heard as it made contact with the metallic shield under my skin.”Ow?!”I turned to see who was rude enough to slap me. There to my surprise stood a girl around 16 she had bronze skin. Despite delicate African features she had a distinct European nose. Her Asian-like eyes scanned me.”um high?”I smiled nervously. She had long blue hair that varied in tone and blended into purple at the ends.It was pulled up into a slick pony tail.Her full pink limps twisted up sideways as if she was watching something disgusting. “Don’t high me. This is not a dog shelter!” she blurted drawing unnecessary attention to us. She folded her arms across her chest ”You look like a damn dog in the middle of the road!”She stared at my face.”Um, who the hell are you?”I placed my hands on my hips and twisted my neck. “My name is Beautiful, but everyone calls me Andrews .I’m your prefect.”

She eyed me for awhile and then spun around “come with me” she beckoned with her hand .her nails where long and well manicured. I gave a perplexed look. She can’t seriously expect me to follow her. I don’t know her and m in a new environment. Anything could happen…well… since she’s pretty. I ran to catch up with her.”Hey, you wanna tell me where we’re going?” she turned slightly and scowled “I’m taking you to the principal’s office.”

She led me to a door “hey why are you allowed to have colored hair in school?”She ignored me as she pushed me through the door. The principal’s office had a state of the art touch table and a large flat screen television opposite to Mr. Apollo’s desk. His desk had two large stereo speakers built into it.”I guess he uses this often.””Sit down john” Mr. Apollo glided into the room.

He then took a seat behind his desk and crossed his legs. “Come with us, help us, you have to save us!” Apollo’s calm demeanor vanished his head dropped on his desk. Beautiful stood emotionless next to him. “John ignore him”.Beautiful looked at him hopelessly. “let’s start over .Hi my name is beautiful but everyone calls me Andrews, I am a demigod daughter of Apollo. This is my father Apollo the god of music, drama, literature, poetry, dance etc.”

I loosened he gears at the back of my neck causing my head to lean back. Apollo lay crying at the top of his lungs.”I knew something was wrong “I muttered .I straightened up. “Look I’m not going anywhere with just gonna leave and tell my aunt’s they sent me to a mental institution by accident” Apollo sat upright the tears completely gone from his face. “Your aunts, you mean the three women who have been your ‘guardians’?”I moved towards the door slowly.”Yeah…what about them?”

Apollo’s eyes almost burst out of his head. “The big three, I knew it!” he clapped his hands and then simmered down to a more serious disposition. “Your ‘aunts’ were the fates." I held a blank expression on my face “The contract between them and whoever your parent is ends today…that is why they sent you here. They can no longer protect you and they must deny having any affiliation with you.”

I shook my head. “This makes no sense, firstly my father died when I was three and my mother is a player so she doesn’t know about me?”Apollo looked at me creepily “then this is a mystery case we must find out which parent is the god!”Beautiful rolled her eyes “it’s not a mystery Apollo the prophesy says a son of HephaestusApollo propped his head on his hand. ”Ah yes I forgot about that prophesy” beautiful shook her head “john michaelson our sources tell us that your father had close and friendly relationships with the creatures…is that right?”I shrugged my shoulders “I don’t know he died when I was three how am I supposed to know?”Apollo raised his eyebrows “Ah, yes I forgot you told me that.” Beautiful began to laugh “I think he has Alzheimer's and that word is Creatons.”I slammed my hand on the desk “No I think he’s drunk, but given his personality it’s hard to tell!”Beautiful snorted “You’re so funny, but you should come with us …their contract ends today which means they won’t be home if you go, I mean is it ok for you to be living with three black women who claim to be your aunts and your staunch Caucasian. I’m not being racist. “I shook my head “no thank you I have a home my guardians might be crazy but Apollo is annoying.”

I headed for the door “Bye” I smiled mockingly “Tell the rest of patients I’ll miss them.” I was about to turn the door knob when Apollo asked me where I was going “home!” I responded. Apollo flipped on the television. “Breaking news, residences of a nearby neighborhood are complaining of sudden construction that commenced on a plot of land that was inhabited by what many are describing as neighborhood menaces .My eyes opened with surprise the gears in my knees loosened. My knees felt weak. I grabbed the door. I can’t believe it. I ran out the school screaming. By the time I reached my house sure enough the house was leveled to the ground. “NO!” I grabbed my head ”why?” my heart was broken. Is this real? No it can’t be. Tractors were still clearing debris. I sat frustrated on the block holding my head”why?”I asked “why would they do this?” Apollo’s face flashed across my mind. “Could all this be true?” the breeze blew through my cinnamon hair, I spotted a piece of paper fluttering in the breeze. I caught it I read. Become the person the world needs you to be. And underneath was a postscript from Aunty M marked cutie.

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