The Old Blacksmith Picture

If I remember my greek/roman mythology, I think this is supposed to represent Hephaestus/Vulcan. Geektastic.

The figure reminds me of a Rodin sculpture: "She Who was the Helmet-Maker's once-beautiful Wife". Art elevates the flawed and mortal to the ageless beauty of essential truth.

Some time after I finished the drawing, I tried spraying it with Krylon fixative to keep the colours saturated...BIG MISTAKE: it left a gray ashey patina when it dried...lesson learned: fixative only for graphite.

A friend pointed out that it makes it look like an old lithograph print now .... mmngeea *shrug* cheap materials give cheap results. Every time.

Wood carving. Artist unknown.

Sanford peel-off china marker/Canson pastel paper.

comments welcome.
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