Vulcan Profile Picture

I wanted to start my own reigon for my use (Don't worry, you can use it to.) called the Aniteek Reigon.

It is based on Greek and Roman mythology.

Vulcan is Hephaestus's Roman name btw.

Vulcan is secretly part of Team Shadow, and masters the Fire Type. He proved his worth by stealing Entei.

He is the final gym leader and leader of Oylmpus Town.

His team is:
Charizard (Lvl 67 male)
Magmortar (Lvl 61 female)
Macargo (Lvl 66 male)
Entei (Lvl 65)
Camerupt (Lvl 64 female)
Torkoal (Lvl 62 male)

He gives the Forge Badge and TM 38, Fire Blast
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