Qiam's Influence Map Picture

Here are some of the influences in my work, in no particular order, from left to right.

Ōkami- Ōkami was a good way to consolidate both the sumi-e style and Japanese mythology, because I am inspired by both of those. Of course, Ōkami on its own is quite influential. The game uses color remarkably well and done a great job with the story.

Firefly - Not specifically the Better Days comic, but the entire series. I would not hesitate to say that Joss Whedon is wonderful at writing characters. Every character in this series is compelling and interesting. The theme of family that bonds people deeper than anything else is something I am attracted to, especially when it comes to dysfunctional, surrogate families that somehow remain loyal to each other no matter what happens. Also, Will Conrad's artwork is gorgeous.

Katsushika Hokusai - I've always loved the ukiyo-e style and Hokusai is a master. The woodcut print I picked, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, is the most famous of his work. During his life, he never stopped working, never stopped improving, and was never afraid to do exactly what he wanted even after being opposed by his peers.

Ancient Greece - both the artwork and the mythology are very influential. I really enjoy reading about mythology but ancient Greek mythology is my favorite by far. This particular urn depicts Hephaestus crafting armor for Thetis; Hephaestus is my favorite of the Olympians.

Pixar - I picked Up because it's my favorite Pixar movie, but I love all of them. Pixar is truly great at telling stories and they are pioneers in CGI animation. They created their niche and continue to be the best there is. Up is inspirational and fantastic and fresh and I love it.

The Lord of the Rings - I could have picked any number of pictures to represent the series as a whole, the One Ring, Frodo, Gandalf, the Fellowship, Mordor... but I picked a simple landscape of the Shire. Because in the end, that's the motivation behind the protagonists. The Shire represents the peace, goodness, and simplicity that Frodo wants more than anything else. Tolkien's practically created the fantasy genre and without a childhood of dragons, wizards, and elves, I have no idea what I'd be like today.

The Swing - The Swing is a famous painting and often known as a masterpiece of the rococo era - and I'd have to agree. Fragonard was a master painter and I really love the hidden details in his paintings. The colors are just fantastic. I love the soft curves and colors in rococo painting. And anything pastoral is a plus for me.

Homestuck, Rice Boy, and Gunnerkrigg Court - the Big Three in webcomics, as far as I'm concerned. Andrew Hussie, Evan Dahm, and Tom Siddell all have the remarkable ability to spin these epic yarns and do it with amazing art and awesome characters. If you tried to make me pick between them, I'd probably self-destruct.

Hayao Miyazaki - Let me just say Miyazaki's work is beyond beautiful. He is a master at what he does. I could write a super long description of why I love his work, but let it suffice to say that I think almost all of his movies are flawless. I picked Howl's Moving Castle for this because it's my favorite Miyazaki movie. The castle itself has such a wonderful design and Miyazaki almost brings it to life and turns it into its own character. Plus this landscape shot is just breathtaking.
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