Anew 1- The Beginning Picture

The small, orange creature looked up at me. It had dark brown ears, a yellow spot on its face, and a curly tail with a red ball on the tip. His bright green eyes blinked in the sunlight.

"That's Tepig." a girl with blonde hair told me. "He was my starter Pokemon two years ago."

The girl reached in her bag and pulled out an old photograph. Looking at it, I saw that it shown three people; two girls and a boy. The boy had dark hair and glasses, and one girl looked like a younger version of Bianca, who was the blonde talking to me. They were on either side of a girl with brown hair and a hat. Each of them was holding a young Pokemon.

"I actually didn't even want to have Tepig for my starter at first," Bianca laughed as she put the photo away. "I got him because the other two were already taken. But he turned out to be the greatest partner I could've asked for."

"He'll be my starter too then." I said, picking up the little fire-pig. The little Pokemon smiled at me and snorted smoke into my face.

"Hey hey!" the Tepig squeaked. "Put me down! Who are you?"

I laughed and said to him, "You'll be pretty strong one day, little one. So you deserve a strong name. How 'bout I call you... Hephaestus! After the strongest god from old mythology!"

"Hephaestus!" the Tepig repeated. "I like it! Call me Hephaestus!"


This conversation came back to me as I walked down the road leading out of the city. It was truly where my journey as a Pokemon Trainer began.

My name is Cinder. My best friend, and first Pokemon is Hephaestus the Tepig. We started our journey together as Pokemon and Trainer in Aspertia City, down in southern Unova. My mother and I had just moved to the region from Sinnoh a couple months before because one of my mom's old friends lived there. I had just turned fifteen, so I decided it was high time to start my Pokemon Journey.
It was just lucky that Professor Juniper's assistant was in Aspertia City for the weekend, so I was able to talk to the girl and get my first Pokemon.

"Come on, Cinder! Hurry up!" Hephaestus called from further up the road.

"I'm coming!" I said, running after my Pokemon.

We came to Floccesy Town. Hephaestus walked at my feet as we explored the city.

To the north, there was a small field. A rugged, wooden house was behind it. It looked like a Pokemon Battle was happening on the grassy arena.

As we got closer, the two Trainers returned their Pokemon to their balls, shook hands, and started towards the edge of the field. I was surprised when one of them waved me over.

"Hello, are you Cinder?" the young man with black hair asked me.

"Yes?" I said cautiously, "Do I know you?"

"No," the man laughed. "Bianca told me about you. You're the girl just starting out on her Pokemon journey, correct? My name is Cheren."

Cheren stuck out his hand, and I shook it. I then recognized him to be the boy in the picture that Bianca had shown me, except that he was missing his glasses.

The other Trainer that Cheren had been battling came over. He had firey-red hair and a belt full of Poke Balls. He came over and patted Cheren on the back.

"That was a fine battle, my boy!" the man laughed heartily. Looking up, he noticed I was standing there. "Hello, who might you be?"

"Uh, Cinder, sir." I said as he shook my hand.

"She's just starting her Pokemon journey." Cheren explained. "Cinder, this is Alder. He was the League Champion two years back."

"The Champion?" I exclaimed.

"Yes," Alder sighed, "But that's past. I teach young trainers to battle now, and how to become stronger."

"That would certainly be helpful." I agreed.

Cheren then explained how he was actually the new Gym Leader in Aspertia City, and how I should go and challenge him later. I agreed, and the two left.

Hephaestus and I continued on to a large, grassy plain called Floccesy Ranch. Entering through a wooden gate, I heard a commotion.

"Oh no! Where did she go?"

"What's wrong?" I asked.

The man and woman who owned the Ranch were distraught. One of their Herdier had gone missing!

"Well, are you just going to sit around? There's a Pokemon missing!" a voice came from behind me.

A boy with spiky, dark blue-black hair walked into the field. A white-and-blue Oshawott toddled behind him.

"Oh Cinder!" The boy exclaimed when he saw me. "I didn't know you were here!"

The boy's name was Harry. He was one of the first people I had met when I came to Aspertia City. We went to school together, but we didn't know each other extremely well.

"Yeah, I just started my Pokemon journey today." I said, gesturing down to Hephaestus, who sat at my feet.

"Really?" Harry looked surprised, "So did I! What a coincidence!"

Harry introduced me to his Oshawott, Salty, and I introduced Hephaestus.

My Tepig walked up to the little sea-otter and held out a paw for him. Harry's Oshawott tentatively stuck out a shaky paw, which Hephaestus shook vigorously. Salty was thrown up and down and finally let go of the Tepig's paw. The Oshawott stumbled around, dizzy while Hephaestus cracked up at him.

Harry and I decided to look for the Ranch couple's missing Herdier. Hephaestus and I headed towards the back of the field, while Harry searched the front.

As we came closer to the north-easternmost corner of the Ranch, I began to hear yelling.

Coming around some trees, the source of the the voice was revealed. A man dressed in all black, wearing a beret of the same color with a white X on it was shouting at some Pokemon backed up into a corner. I could see the Ranch's missing Herdier and a little, blue Pokemon.

"What are you doing?" Hephaestus leaped out from behind the trees, smoke escaping from his nostrils. Small flames came from his mouth, lighting the grass below the man. They were quickly extinguished by his frantic stomping. Since he was turned around now, I could see one more part of his outfit. A metal badge was pinned to the front of his shirt. It was blue and white with a 'P' in the middle.

What could that mean?

"Hey! I was just-" The man started. "Aw, forget it!" he turned and fled away through the trees.

Free from the barrier, the Ranch's Herdier shot out of the corner, yelping loudly.

The other Pokemon the man was threatening remained still. It curled itself into a small ball and shivered in fright.

I came closer and recognized the Pokemon as a Riolu. They were rare in Sinnoh, so this must have been a pretty lucky find.

"Hello there," I said quietly. "Are you okay?"

The Riolu looked up with big, orange eyes. He quickly regretted it and hid his face with his paws again.

Hephaestus came up from behind me and walked up to the Riolu. The blue Pokemon looked up for a second, and Hephaestus smiled widely at him.

"I'm Hephaestus." my Tepig said. "What's your name?"

The Riolu didn't say anything.

"Hellooo?" Hephaestus questioned. "Did you hear me? I asked you a question!"

"I don't think he's going to say anything, Festus." I said.

"Aww man." Hephaestus frowned. "I was hoping he could join our team."

"Well, there's no reason he can't." I said, pulling out a Poke Ball.

The Riolu didn't even try to run away as he was pulled into the ball. It was an easy catch, and the Riolu was now part of our team.

I let my new Riolu out of the ball. He sat on the ground in front of Hephaestus and I, looking from one to the other repeatedly with his big, orange eyes. The Riolu still didn't say a word.

"He didn't say his name." Hephaestus noted. "What are we gonna call him?"

"I'll call him Day." I decided. "Since he was caught on the first day of our journey."

(Whew! That was long! I'm sure I didn't get everything right either 'cause I can't remember it all. But I got the basic gist of it I guess.
Please give me your opinion on if you like it or not! It's a bit longer and more dialogue-heavy and description-heavy than other Storylockes [or are they called Picturelockes?] I've read, but I guess that's just my style of writing. Is it too long? I can try to shorten my next page if you guys would like.
Anyway! Here it is! My first documented Nuzlocke! Oh, and Day's not mute or anything. He just chooses not to talk.)


Male Tepig
Quirky Nature
Likes to run

Male Riolu
Quirky Nature
Likes to thrash about
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