Pandora and the Box Picture

"...because of her curiosity, Pandora unknowingly uncovered the plagues of Evil upon Man. After shutting the box shut, what remained inside is the tiny Hope."


After reading the mythology of Pandora and also a fanfiction that depicts her as Hephaestus' daughter (since after all, HE created her), I decided to give this girl a go. At first I designed her as like a waif-like girl but that image is just too emo for her.

So, I tried out the steampunkish look for her after watching Warehouse 13 and there she is. Pandora here is modeled after the character Claudia, and you might see a different color of her hair strand in the near future.

The "colored spirits" escaping from the box each represent the seven deadly sin, and if you look closely at the white spot inside the box, the white spot represents Hope.

The patch and the gear pendent on her choker represent her as not only the creation of Hephaestus but also his daughter.

...and that's pretty much it.

Pandora (c) Greek/Classical mythology
Elfin Lied base (c)
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