Voluminous Man: Reginn Picture

The robotic Norseman....Reginn

Height: 50 meters tall

Weight: 40,000 tons


Laser Sword: From the crescent on its right knuckle, Reginn can formed a red laser sword.

Axe Hand: Reginn's left hand is basically an axe, which can be used as a weapon to cut foes.

Eye Beam: Reginn can fire yellow beams from its eyes.

Finger Missiles: From the tips of its fingers, Reginn can unleash a stream of missiles.

Episode Appearances: Episode 2: "Reginn of Terror"

Bio: After the defeat of Acrimosaurus at the hands of Voluminous Man, The Wrathkons realized that they had an obstacle that they needed to overcome. As a result, Clintlin decided to devote time to making monsters to fight Voluminous Man. After getting a book about Norse mythology, Clintlin decided to build a robot to battle Voluminous Man. Naming it after the Norse blacksmith god, the Wrathkons unleashed the robot onto Chicago. The MCSC briefly battled it. Sterling, set out to prove that his alter-ego was not a threat to humanity, transformed into Voluminous Man to battle the robot. Although it put up more of a challenge compared to Acrimosaurus, Reginn was still defeated when Voluminous Man used his Voluminous Sword.

Creative Backstory: Like Acrimosaurus, Reginn has gone through a lot of changes. When I first created the robot, it was modeled after a Spartan warrior and named "Mecha-Spartan". I wanted it to be more of a challenge. So, I gave it a hammer arm and a sword arm and moved with a continuous track. I renamed him "Weapotron". Later on, I decided that the design looked silly and the name sounded cheesy. So, I gave it his current design and renamed it "Hephaestus". After finding that the name was already being used for another kaiju, I decided to renamed it "Reginn". I also made a few minor changes, mainly the helmet.
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