Hephaestus Rough Uncolored Picture

Hephaestus, Greek god of the Forge. Got a little inspiration because my dad and I might be going out to the garage later to do a bit of black smithing ourselves. He's teaching me the craft! ^.^

This picture depicts Hephaestus forging a hammer. In the myth, he became crippled after Zues hurled him down from olympus. He created two 'robots' to help him move and work, So in the picture, Hephaestus is leaning on one while working.

But yeah, i intend to do some fixing up on the Picture. add in some color later. Whatever i can fit into my Hellish life. I dont get that much time on this computer any more, my mom working on ebay (selling), and my dad's main job as a proffesional web designer. Plus, my new personal computer is a mac, so i dont have Microsoft paint (my prefered art medium).
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